ARPN Journal of Agricultural and Biological Science       ISSN 1990-6145
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ARPN Journal of Agricultural and Biological Science                              July 2018 | Vol. 13  No. 7

The effect of pesticides used in conventional and organic farming on the microbial flora

Author (s):

Hikmet Katırcıoğlu, Sema Çetin, Dürdane Kaya and Semra Mirici


In this study, Basudin 60 EM, Cupravit OB 21 and Dursban 4 of synthetic pesticides widely used in agriculture, bordeaux mixture of natural pesticides and Componion of biologic pesticides was investigated the effect on the bacteria isolated from microbial flora. In this context it was aimed to compare the effect of pesticides used in conventional and organic farming on microbial flora. The changes of metabolic activity was demonstrated according tothe effects of pesticides in the microbial flora. The leaf and soil samples obtained elaborately from the same station, Bacillus cereus DY6, Micrococcus yunnanensis DT1 and Bacillus tequilensis DT2 were selected as indicator strains. The changes in antibiotic susceptibility and generation time as metabolic activity of these microorganisms and genetic modifications that creates on indicator strain were investigated. As a result, it was determined that pesticides used in applications of organic farming changed metabolic activities of the bacteriaas much as conventional applications. It has been found that especially bordeaux mixture as a natural pesticide used in Turkey causes genetic modifications.

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