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Effect of surface coating on changes in mass and heat rate on hydrophobic layer coated metal foam

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Author Syahrul Humaidi, Dahniar Hasibuan, Doli Bonardo, Fitri H. S. Ginting, Ayu Y. Sari, Lukman F. Nurdiyansah, Nining S. Asri, Eko A. Setiadi, Anggito P. Tetuko, Pardamean Sebayang, Achmad Maulana Soehada and Nazaruddin Sinaga
e-ISSN 1819-6608
On Pages 233-237
Volume No. 18
Issue No. 03
Issue Date March 18, 2023
Keywords coating, hydrophobic, metal foam, thermal, wick structure.


The effect of hydrophobic coating on the surface of metal foam 15 pores per inch (PPI) on its basic thermal properties has been successfully analyzed. In addition, the characteristics of untreated metal foam have also been identified through 3-D optical microscope observations, surface morphology, and analytical models of capillary pressure. Metal foam 15 PPI has an average pore diameter of 746.7 m with a fairly even pore size distribution. The surface structure of the ligament is relatively rough with a fairly dense level of density. The super hydrophilic characteristics of metal foam can increase its capillary pressure. The hydrophobic layer on the metal foam surface did not significantly affect the porous surface morphology of the sample. The stability of metal foam in maintaining its intrinsic properties is relatively optimal, metal foam-based wick structure also has good thermal properties.


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