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Simulation of vehicle maintenance and repair workshop

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Author Evgeniy Sergeevich Kozin and Nikolay Olegovich Sapozhenkov
e-ISSN 1819-6608
On Pages 491-501
Volume No. 18
Issue No. 05
Issue Date April 05, 2023
Keywords vehicle fleet, digital twin, optimization, car maintenance and repair, simulation.


The article discusses the implementation and usage of information technologies in the field of automobile workshop management. A potential direction is the implementation of digital twins in various industries and technological processes. Digital twins by using a virtual environment make it possible to answer the question: "What if?" without experiments on real production and business processes of the company. The digital twin of an automobile workshop will increase the efficiency of the company by introducing an analytical system and a decision support system. The first phase of creating a digital twin is the development of a simulation model of an automobile workshop. The model must be able to generate data, analyze it and make optimization decisions based on it. Simulation is used to train and tune the digital twin. When implemented in real production, the source data simulation module can be replaced with a set of source information from the enterprise. The rest of the modules will be able to perform their functions without lengthy configuration. The article presents in detail the block of simulation modeling of the processes of operation of the vehicle fleet and automobile maintenance and repair workshops.


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