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A study the effect of key parameters on the magneto-rheological brake torque based on the simulation method

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Author Hoang Quang Tuan, Trinh Minh Hoang and Nguyen Xuan Khoa
e-ISSN 1819-6608
On Pages 1534-1538
Volume No. 18
Issue No. 13
Issue Date September 13, 2023
Keywords magnetorheological fluid, magnetorheological brake, MRB tooth tilt angle, MRB rotor thickness, braking torque.


This paper presents the design and simulation of a magnetorheological brake (MRB) model that supports a van truck downhill without interfering with the traditional brake system available on this vehicle. A research brake model using rheological magnetic fluid, an intelligent material. The operation of MR fluid-based brakes has inherent advantages such as continuously changing dynamic range and fast response. The research presents the process of calculating and simulating the braking torque generated by this brake model. This research helps to open up a new direction for the traditional brake system in cars. Consequently, the safety of the movement of cars, in particular, and vehicles in general during downhill is compromised. Based on the simulation model, the effect of key parameters (operation conditions, MRB tooth tilt angle, MRB rotor thickness, and number of MRB teeth) on the brake torque was completely presented.


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