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ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences >> Call for Papers Vol. 18 No. 7, April 2023

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Optimization of CNC milling process parameters with Cryo-Treated WC tools by RSM

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Author M. Vishnu Vardhan, S. Ananth and B. Dhanraj
e-ISSN 1819-6608
On Pages 2039-2049
Volume No. 17
Issue No. 24
Issue Date January 29, 2023
Keywords cryogenic treatment, tungsten carbide tools, RSM, NSGA-II, SEM analysis.


In this work, it is proposed how different levels of cryogenic treatment, such as shallow cryogenic treatment (SCT), which occurs at -110°C, medium cryogenic treatment (MCT), which occurs at -150°C, and deep cryogenic treatment (DCT), which occurs at -175°C, affect the machinability of P20 material. In this paper, an effort is made to optimize the process variables in machining P20 steel with cryogenically treated tungsten carbide (WC) cutting tools in the CNC milling process using the Response surface methodology (RSM) and Taguchi method. Data for this study is gathered using the Box-Behnken design of response surface methodology (RSM). Cutting speed (CS), feed rate (FR), depth of cut (DOC), and the lowering temperatures are considered significant process parameters that are functions of performance measures. The observations revealed that there is a substantial correlation between performance measures and cryogenic treatment, cutting speed, feed, and depth of cut. The purpose of this work is to model the output parameters and optimize the process parameters using RSM.


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