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ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences >> Call for Papers Vol. 18 No. 7, April 2023

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Corn stalk (Zea mays) modified by nitrate acids (HNO3) to adsorb dissolved copper ions (CU +2) in adsorption column

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Author Bode Haryanto, Dwi A. Fithry, Rondang Tambun, Azhari B. Gajah, Ashabi Sufri and Tubagus R. F. Sinuhaji
e-ISSN 1819-6608
On Pages 2050-2058
Volume No. 17
Issue No. 24
Issue Date January 29, 2023
Keywords corn stalk, down flow, Cu2, breakthrough curve, up flow.


Corn stalk modification was used as an adsorbent to remove metal ions of Cu2+ in solutions and have done in the adsorption column with continuous operation. The corn talk was modified with nitrate acid (HNO3). The Adsorption operations were applied with corn stalk variation sizes 50 mesh, and 70 mesh with initial concentrations of metal ions 50 and 150 mg/l. The solution flow was controlled at 5 and 15 ml/min. The adsorption operations have been done in up-flow and down-flow. Each operation collected the flow effluent base on pore volume intervals of 4 to 32 PV. To confirm the changes in surface structure and chemical components after modifying have used SEM and EDX. The results show changes significantly. While, the application of corn stalk was modified shown by the influence of loading time, % removal efficiency, adsorption kinetics, and breakthrough curve. Increased loading time occurs at increased concentration, decreased flow rate, and increased adsorbent size. While the increase in% removal efficiency occurs in the decrease in concentration, decreased flow rate, and increased adsorbent size. On adsorption up, the flow has longer saturation than in downstream adsorption. The shape of the breakthrough curve for adsorption up the flow and down flow follows the shape of the "S" curve. But the up flow breakthrough curve on adsorption is more stable than adsorption with the down flow.


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