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ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences >> Call for Papers Vol. 18 No. 7, April 2023

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Improve and analyze the performance of photovoltaic systems controlled by an advanced fuzzy logic method for fast and stable MPPT

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Author Yassine El Moujahid, Abdessamad Benlafkih, Abdelkader Hadjoudja and Nadia El Harfaoui
e-ISSN 1819-6608
On Pages 2067-2076
Volume No. 17
Issue No. 24
Issue Date January 29, 2023
Keywords photovoltaic system PV, model solar, fuzzy logic controllers, pulse width modulation (PWM), boost converter, maximum point power tracking algorithm (MPPT).


The main problem that often arises in photovoltaic systems is to achieving the maximum output power and maintaining the DC-DC connection voltage at a stable value since the power generated by photovoltaic panels is very powerless in uncertain climatic conditions. Moreover, the sunshine and temperature constantly change during the day. The aim of this work is to adapt and optimize an intelligent control algorithm for photovoltaic systems based on a fuzzy logic method to track the maximum power point (MPPT) at a stable value with a fast settling time and to optimize the efficiency under different influences of weather conditions (lighting and temperature). The system consists of a photovoltaic solar module connected to a DC-DC boost converter and a load. The effectiveness of the proposed system was validated by computer simulations using MATLAB/Simulink software. The results of this work show that the efficiency of the photovoltaic system can be improved up to 99.1% by using the advanced fuzzy logic controller.


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