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A detailed study of speech signal cryptography using simple Put _operation and Get_operation

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Author Nasser Abdellatif, Adnan Manasreh, Ziad A. Alqadi, Mohammad S. Khrisat1, Maryam Akhozahieh and Dmitry Manasreh
e-ISSN 1819-6608
On Pages 2576-2590
Volume No. 18
Issue No. 23
Issue Date February 10, 2024
Keywords speech, cryptography, put_operation, get_operation, PK, SIK, CLMM, quality, security, sensitivity, speedup.


Protecting digital speech files is an important issue. In this paper's research, a simplified method of speech file cryptography will be provided, and the encryption and decryption functions will require a reduced number of operations. The encryption function will perform a put_operation to reorder the speech sample to get the encrypted file, while the decryption function will perform a get_operation to reorder the encrypted samples to get the decrypted speech file; these operations will be implemented based on the generated secret indices key. The Put and get operations will affect the speech file by recording the samples keeping the histograms of the speech files (source, encrypted, and decrypted) the same and without any changes. The secret key generation phase will be analyzed for efficiency purposes, and two methods will be presented: The first one will use the chaotic logistic map model to generate the secret indices key, while the second method will use a selected secret image to generate the secret indices key, both methods will be tested and examined to give some recommendations for the users. Each of the introduced methods will provide a high level of security, the private keys will provide a huge key space and they will be very sensitive to resist any hacking attacks. The quality, sensitivity, security, and speed of the proposed methods will be examined, the method will be tested and implemented, and the obtained results will be analyzed to prove the achievements provided by the proposed method.


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