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Optimization of a mixture of lime and portland composite cement (PCC) for stabilizing peat soil in road construction

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Author Tampanatu P. F. Sompie, Seska Nicolaas, Helen G. Mantiri, Vicky A. Assa, Rivaldo P. C. Raintung and Felicia C. Runtunuwu
e-ISSN 1819-6608
On Pages 2634-2640
Volume No. 18
Issue No. 23
Issue Date February 10, 2024
Keywords peat soil, lime, cement, soil stabilization, CBR.


Peat soil presents significant challenges in construction due to its low bearing capacity and high compression. Several soil improvement methods are available to address these issues. One viable approach to enhancing soil quality is through lime and cement stabilization. This research aims to investigate the impact of a lime and cement mixture on the physical and mechanical properties of the soil at the research location. The research results reveal that the CBR (California Bearing Ratio) value for the original soil is 5.60%. CBR values increased in specific mixture variations, with the CBR value for the original soil + 3% lime + 5% cement mixture reaching 11.56%. This mixture can be employed in the subgrade, meeting the CBR requirement for road construction subgrade, which is 6%. In the case of the mixture involving the original soil + 10% lime + 10% cement, a CBR value of 26.50% was achieved. The CBR value for subgrade with outstanding criteria for road construction is 20% to 30%. The addition of a lime and cement mixture for peat soil stabilization can significantly enhance the soil's bearing capacity, and increasing the percentage of lime and cement in the mixture leads to higher CBR values.


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