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Effect of sonification time on the preparation of clamshell nanoparticles using cocamidopropyl betaine (Amphitol 24AB) solution as surfactant as filler in composite materials

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Author M. H. S. Ginting, M. Lubis, F. A. Winoto, R. C. Siregar, G. E. Ayu and A. Radhiyatullah
e-ISSN 1819-6608
On Pages 2671-2677
Volume No. 18
Issue No. 24
Issue Date February 29, 2024
Keywords nanoparticle, clam shell, amphitol 24AB, composite, surfactant.


This study aimed to determine the effect of sonification time on the size of clamshell nanoparticles as filler in composite materials. This method of providing clamshell nanoparticles uses a top-down approach. This method makes nano-sized particles directly by reducing large materials through the stages of suspension and separation of nanoparticles. The results showed that the sonification time affected the size of the clamshell nanoparticles. The size of the nanoparticles produced in a volume of 8 ml of surfactant solution with a sonification time of 3 hours was 223.93 nm. The morphology of the spherical nanoparticles, with a crystallinity index of 86.40%, did not show any significant changes in the functional groups during the synthesis process of reducing the size of the shell particles.


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