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ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences >> Call for Papers Vol. 19 No. 16, August 2024

ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

May 2024 | Vol. 19 No. 9

Table of Contents

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

Synthesis of chitosan-graphene oxide (GO) composite using the sol-gel method and its application in the adsorption of methylene blue dye Abstract PDF
Desnelli Desnelli, Silvana Apriani, Muhammad Said, Ady Mara, Fatma Fatma, Muhammad Kozin, Wiwien Andriyanti and Bayu Mahdi Kartika 530-535
Arduino-Based automatic cutting tool for coconut shell charcoal briquettes Abstract PDF
Samsudin Anis, Deni Fajar Fitriyana, Fajar Chairul Anam, Hendrix Noviyanto Firmansyah, Aldias Bahatmaka, Adhi Kusumastuti, Janviter Manalu, Januar Parlaungan Siregar, Tezara Cionita, Ahmad Jazilussurur Hakim and Sukarni Sukarni 536-540
Analysis of hardness, crystal structure and tensile strength by treatment with variations of welding current strength GTAW material SS 316L Abstract PDF
Melya Dyanasari Sebayang and Rizky Mahaendra Putra 541-545
Analysis Re-Entrant honeycomb auxetic structure for lumbar vertebrae using finite element analysis Abstract PDF
Ai’man A’siqin Zulkefli, Muhammad Hazli Mazlan, Hiromitsu Takano, Abdul Halim Abdullah, Muhammad Hilmi Jalil and Mohammad Azeeb Mazlan 546-555
Prediction of grain size distribution using ordinary kriging and compositional kriging methods Abstract PDF
Ahram Kim, Bashir Busahmin and Stephen Tyson 556-562
Simulation and analysis of a PV system using a PI controller for a boost converter and ameliored P and O MPPT algorithm Abstract PDF
Omar Elkhoundafi and Rachid Elgouri 563-570
A proposed Cost-Effective approach using smartphones for capturing descriptive data for geographic information systems Abstract PDF
A. M. Abdel-Wahab 571-579
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