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ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences >> Call for Papers Vol. 18 No. 22, November 2023

ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

September 2023 | Vol. 18 No. 18

Table of Contents

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

Monitoring of forest fire areas using remote sensing technology and multitemporal difference of spectral indices Abstract PDF
Tanutdech Rotjanakusol and Teerawong Laosuwan 2066-2074
Numerical experiment to evaluating two-sided tolerance limit for safety analysis Abstract PDF
Seola Han and Taewan Kim 2075-2079
Automatic measurement of Cardiothoracic Ratio in chest X-ray images with ProGAN-Generated dataset Abstract PDF
G. Jagadeeshawar Reddy, Subba Reddy Borra, A. V. Subba Rao and Vaddithandra Vijaya 2080-2087
Fluid dynamic design of a vertical axis wind turbine rotor under low wind speed Abstract PDF
Jesús D. Rhenals-Julio, Omar D. Perez, Luis G. Vidal, Arnold Martínez Guarín and Jorge M. Mendoza 2088-2093
Design and simulation of PLC and HMI-Based control and monitoring system of compressed air application in a pineapple cannery industry Abstract PDF
Ricardo T. Clemen Jr. and Consorcio S. Namoco Jr. 2094-2100
Thermal image-based battery cells fault detection in electric vehicles using CNN model Abstract PDF
S. Senthilraj and N. R. Shanker 2101-2111
Earlier detection of rop and rop sub-classification using TA-CHD-DNN and UD-TFCM from ultrasound digital B-Scan images Abstract PDF
K. R. N. Aswini and S. Vijayaraghavan 2112-2120
Development of innovative health guardian: UV-C disinfection with solar battery charging Abstract PDF
Nur Shahfiqah Natasha, Adam Samsudin, Kamilah Jaafar, Norhashimah Mohd. Saad, Abdul Rahim Abdullah, Norhayatirosli, Norhafizah Md Sarif and Irianto 2121-2126
Papr reduction of FBMC-OQAM signals using Phase Search-PTS and modified discrete fourier transform spreading Abstract PDF
Karthik Kumar Vaigandla and J. Benita 2127-2139
IoT-Based academic monitoring system in Integrity Zone implementation Abstract PDF
Marike A. S. Kondoj and Tineke Saroinsong 2140-2146
A study of earthquake potential analysis in central java and Yogyakarta provinces, Indonesia based on the calculation of a and B-Values with the maximum likelihood method Abstract PDF
Harmoko U., Yuliyanto G. and Nindy Salsabila H. Z. 2147-2150
Deep learning for the recognition of benign and malignant breast lesions in medical images Abstract PDF
Alio Boubacar Goga, Chaibou Kadri and Harouna Naroua 2151-2157
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