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ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences >> Call for Papers Vol. 18 No. 9, May 2023

ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

April 2023 | Vol. 18 No. 7

Table of Contents

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

The production of biosurfactants by local fungi isolated from Egyptian soil Abstract PDF
Shimaa R. Hamed, Raed S. Al-Wasify and Samar Ragab 730-742
Securing LSB steganography using bite substitution and image blocking Abstract PDF
Adnan Manasreh, Nasser Abdellatif and Ziad A. Alqadi 743-758
Designing and testing the applicability of a natural green ventilation building block in an Egyptian Climatic zone using waste materials Abstract PDF
A. M. Abdel-Wahab, Ayman Mahmoud Hesham Elalfy, Allam M. E., Garas G. L., Ashraf Mansour Habib Mansour, Amr Ahmed Elfeky and Mahmoud A. El-Bayoumi 759-771
Design and development of Solar Charger Controller system with Li-Ion battery at electrical vehicle Abstract PDF
Rafiuddin Syam, Iqbal Nurpauzi, Vina Oktaviani and Efri Sandi 772-775
Effect of oil palm boiler ash modified with PEG 6000 on mechanical properties of high density polyethylene Abstract PDF
Karya Sinulingga, Nurdin Bukit, Abdul Hakim and Bunga Fisikanta Bukit 776-785
Optimizing robot grasping using soft origami zigzag gripper with artificial intelligence Abstract PDF
Saan Cern Yong and Sheng Ze Yeoh 786-796
Effects of alkaline treatment on the properties of pineapple (Ananas Comosus) leaf fiber (Palf) reinforced with tapioca-based bio resin (Cassava Starch) Abstract PDF
Ezeamaku U. Luvia, Eze I. Ochiagha, Odimegwu E. Nkiru., Nwakaudu A. Angela, Okafor S. Amarachukwu, Onukwuli O. Dominic and Obibuenyi I. John 797-804
A comparison study between the optimal DFIG flux and speed control in presence of magnetic hysteresis and classical control strategies for wind systems Abstract PDF
Barra Adil, A. Moutabir, H. Ouadi and B. Bensassi 805-817
Power quality improvement adopting DSTATCOM using immune feedback control algorithm Abstract PDF
K. S. S. R. V. C. D. Sai Kumar, Mantri Srinivasa Rao, S. Srikanth, N. Sivanagendra and A. V. Narayana 818-826
Design and ergonomics analysis of workstation for online learning during movement control order Abstract PDF
Wongani Salima, Shafizal Mat, Abd Rahman Dullah, Siti Nurhaida Khalil and Nazri Md Daud 827-835
Application of electro thermal phosphoric slag as a binder for foam concrete production Abstract PDF
Y. T. Yerbayev, G. B. Zhumagaliyeva, A. K. Abdygalieva, M. Zh. Ryskaliyev, L. T. Shulanbayeva, R. K. Shegenbayeva, G. S. Abiyeva and K. A. Yerimbetov 836-843
Sensitivity of support vector machine to features selection for land cover classification based on sentinel-2 data over Riyadh urban arid area, Saudia Arabia Abstract PDF
Mohammed Saeed, Asmala Ahmad and Othman Mohd. 844-853
The design of the container as well as the sweetened condensed milk pourer with a combination of Kano approach and quality function deployment Abstract PDF
Nelfiyanti, Renty Anugerah Mahaji Puteri, Yusuf Alhusein, Daruki and Umi Marfuah 854-860
Parameter identification of squirrel cage induction machine using Linear Kalman filter Abstract PDF
Mokhlis Salah-eddine, Sadki Said, barra Adil and Bensassi Bahloul 861-867
Comparison study of palm fibers in painting putty to reduce temperature conditions Abstract PDF
Melya Dyanasari Sebayang 868-873
Modelling and simulation of automatic brake system of vehicle Abstract PDF
Vu Hai Quan, Nguyen Anh Ngoc, Le Van Quynh, Nguyen Xuan Khoa and Nguyen Minh Tien 874-880
Remote control and monitoring system for AC motors Abstract PDF
Faiber Robayo Betancourt 881-885
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