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ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences >> Call for Papers Vol. 18 No. 9, May 2023

ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

March 2023 | Vol. 18 No. 5

Table of Contents

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

Effect and influence of GGBS on properties of ambient cured self-compacting geopolymer concrete Abstract PDF
Poluri Naresh, B. Sarath Chandra Kumar, M. Satish Kumar and K. Ramesh 451-465
Design and analysis of microstrip patch antenna for RADAR altimeter Abstract PDF
Abhijeet Kumar, S. K. Sriwas, Pramod Kumar and Mahendra Kumar 466-470
Synthesis of reduced graphene oxide from oil palm empty fruit bunches using matoa leaf extract Abstract PDF
Muhammad Said, Nadia Lestari, Maria Ulfa, Addy Rachmat, Desnelli and Muhammad Faizal 471-478
Simulation of rooftop solar power plant (PLTS) at Ichsan University Building, Gorontalo Abstract PDF
Stephan A. Hulukati, Qomariyatus Sholihah, Marjono and Nuddin Harahab 479-486
LPG GAS leaking detector using Arduino for household application Abstract PDF
Nur Aiman Hanis Binti Hasim, Muhammad Rafiq Bin Rozali, Ezzatul Farhain Binti Azmi, Muhammad Izzat Zakwan Bin Mohd. Zabidi and Nortazi Binti Sanusi 487-490
Simulation of vehicle maintenance and repair workshop Abstract PDF
Evgeniy Sergeevich Kozin and Nikolay Olegovich Sapozhenkov 491-501
Automatic gallon filling system controlled by programmable logic controller-PLC Abstract PDF
Faiber Robayo Betancourt, José Salgado Patrón and Johan Julián Molina Mosquera 502-507
Synthesis and identification of aromatic poly (Ester-Amide) containing chalcone groups in backbone chain Abstract PDF
Huda Sabah Hassen, Nadia Sadiq Majeed, Atheraa Abdul Kadhim Wasaf and Ekhlas Sabah Hassan 508-515
Hydrodynamics and structural mechanics of jet pumps in a Boiling Water reactor: CFD analysis Abstract PDF
G. Espinosa-Paredes, J. Centeno-Perez, A. Nuñez-Carrera, S. Quezada-Garcia, A. Vázquez-Rodríguez and E. G. Espinosa-Martínez 516-521
Synthesizing an adaptive control Singleinput-Singleoutput system for unstable and deterministic chaotic processes Abstract PDF
M. A. Beisenbi, A. A. Adilbayev, S. O. Akhmetova, M. S. Tulenbayev and A. B. Kabanbayev 522-529
A comprehensive machine learning technique for Ovarian Cancer prediction Abstract PDF
V. Mnssvkr Gupta, K. Vssr Murthy, R. Shiva Shankar and J. Varshini 530-537
Technological solutions for rock jetting with controlled content of fine soil particles in pressure water of a hydraulic monitor Abstract PDF
Natalia A. Shkaruba, Victor E. Kislyakov, Alexandr I. Kosolapov, Aleksandr K. Kirsanov, Natalia V. Nikolaeva, Pavel V. Katyshev and Umarjon R. Teshaev 538-542
Effect of magneto hydrodynamic using micro-polar fluid between circular stepped plate Abstract PDF
A. Johny and E. Sujatha 543-548
Design and development of an ultra-wideband Vivaldi antenna for medical imaging applications Abstract PDF
Ahmed Saadi and Hassan Ammor 549-551
Fraud recognition in Digital Transactions by using SMOTE algorithm Abstract PDF
V. Priyadarshini and A. Pushpa Latha 552-562
AWRO mobile robot: Aid for water rescue operations Abstract PDF
Aaron Don M. Africa, Reggie C. Gustilo, Vincent Keith C. Favis, Angeli Jo P. Gloriani, Marvin Julius L. Siy and Jan Christian O. Yatco 563-568
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